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Policy Agenda: Clean Energy Economy

Small Business Majority
Tue, 23 May 2017

Investments in clean renewable energy and energy efficiency are seen by a majority of small business owners as important to boosting our economy and creating jobs. Not only do these investments drive innovation and cost savings, but they also create growth opportunities, not just in energy-related sectors, but also other industries. Additionally, these investments help address small business disruptions stemming from extreme weather. Our national economic growth strategy must invest in a clean energy economy by: 

  • Supporting implementation of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan in every state to maximize small business benefits.
  • Supporting state efforts to maintain and expand renewable energy and energy efficiency standards.
  • Strengthening government tracking and data on the economic impact of extreme weather incidents on small businesses to ensure effective assistance and response programs, while also providing support to states and localities to help small business deal with extreme weather.
  • Strengthening investments by federal agencies to spur growth and support small businesses that are key players in the clean energy economy’s supply chain through economic clusters and other related programs.

Small business support for limiting carbon emissions​