Small Business Majority works in partnership with a network of organizations around the country, both to create a strong national small business voice in Washington, DC, and help small business owners in different states understand how legislation being debated in the capitol would affect them.

We foster a network of small business owners across the country who work with us in various ways to educate other business owners, convey their perspectives to policymakers and ensure that small business voices continue to be heard on a local, regional and national level. We also conduct listening tours around the country to answer small business owners’ questions on how to navigate through the new healthcare law. We partner at times with other business organizations, state officials and healthcare policy experts.

Along with our busy Washington D.C. office, we have offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Denver.

Upcoming Events Nationwide

Wed, 08/21/2019 (All day)
2:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Have you ever wanted to engage in local or statewide policy issues as a small business owner but don't where to begin?

Event type: Advocacy Webinar
Location: Virginia
Thu, 08/22/2019 (All day)
8:30am - 4:00pm

If you are thinking of starting a business or are already in business, join us for our first annual SCORE E3 Women's Conference. Thursday, August 22: This all-day conference will include :

Event type: Access to Capital, General Small Business, Women's Entrepreneurship, Freelance Economy Conference
Location: Springfield, Missouri
Thu, 08/29/2019 (All day)
12 PST

Growing your small business is a huge endeavor!  Join Start Small Think Big!, the law firm of Morgan Lewis and Small Business Majority for our Life Pro Tip for Small Business, a free workshop series designed for small businesses expanding on or improving upon their small business.  Facilitated by

Event type: General Small Business, Retirement Security, Women's Entrepreneurship, Workforce, Workplace Benefits, Rural Entrepreneurship Webinar
Location: California
Tue, 09/03/2019 (All day)
6:00 PM PDT

Please join Small Business Majority at SJPL Works in the San Jose Public Library for an interactive presentation on CalSavers, California's new individual retirement savings account for small businesses unable to offer a workplace based retirement plan.  We will also discuss retirement plans avai

Event type: General Small Business, Retirement Security, Women's Entrepreneurship, Freelance Economy, Rural Entrepreneurship Presentation
Location: San Jose, California
Wed, 09/04/2019 (All day)
12:00 PM

Los propietarios de pequeñas empresas dedican sus días a concentrarse en sus especialidades, pero hay una cosa que tienen en común: todos tienen que cumplir con ciertos requisitos. Únase con Small Business Majority para esta presentación en la que se analizan las leyes y programas de la fuerza la

Event type: Family Medical Leave, Retirement Security, Paid Sick Days, Workplace Benefits Webinar
Location: California