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| The Press Democrat

Local small business experts say the budget funding could be a boon to small business owners, their employees and self-employed entrepreneurs, making it easier for them to buy health insurance in the individual market.

| Sacramento Bee

“There’s a new way to save for retirement in California. Here’s how it works” (, July 1): Many California small businesses struggled for years to help their employees access retirement programs.

| Bossed Up

I was introduced to a national group focused on getting small business owners involved in activism, Small Business Majority, by a friend in DC.

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La ley SB-1234 permite que las empresas que no ofrecen servicios para que los trabajadores ahorren para su vejez, puedan inscribirse en el programa CalSavers, donde les pueden descontar el 5% del salario para generar un presupuesto programado con ese fin.

| Sierra Sun Times

Lorenzo Harris, owner of Janico Building Services, a commercial janitorial services company based in North Highlands near Sacramento, was the first employer to join the pilot program in late 2018.

| San Diego Times

Even though the new state budget offers hope of bringing down healthcare costs for solo entrepreneurs like me, more must be done to make health insurance accessible to small businesses.

| Colorado Springs Business Journal

The Small Business Majority, an advocacy and lobbying group, represents a diverse group of small business owners, some who favor renewables and others who feel challenged by the new policies.

| Insurance News Net

SB 343 is supported by a coalition of healthcare, consumer, business and worker advocates, including the California Public Employees' Retirement System, Silicon Valley Employers Forum, the Small Business Majority, Health Access California, the California Labor Federation, SEIU California, th

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“Confessions of judgment have devastated countless entrepreneurs that simply needed funds to start or grow their businesses,” said Small Business Majority Founder & CEO John Arensmeyer.

| Morning Consult

What Trump either cannot or will not accept is small businesses already have access to “high-quality health plans” under the ACA, and the data supporting this claim is not “fake news.” Small Business Majority’s research found more than 5.7 million small business employees or self-employed workers