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Louis Caditz-Peck: Well, the legislation was inspired by the Small Business Borrowers’ Bill of Rights, which called for transparency standards like these and was created by a group of nonprofits and fintech companies that came together to do something about the irresponsible lending we were seein

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Protecting access to health care: Although the future of health care in the U.S. is unpredictable, it is vital that advocates, community leaders and institutions continue to inform, and put pressure on, policymakers to improve access for all.

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It’s hard to believe in 2018 there are still politicians, judges and activists who would limit women’s access to contraception and reproductive health services.

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A new law blocking short-term insurance plans from being sold in California is perfectly timed for the state's small businesses.

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The federal government is letting America’s small businesses down when it comes to health care.

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"We hope California’s lawmakers consider small businesses when deciding what bills to take up next year, and we hope 2019 will produce even better results for small firms than 2018," writes Mark Herbert, the California director of Small Business Majority.

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"Managing cash flow is one of the hardest things, especially when [small-business owners] are juggling a lot of different things, like making payroll or buying inventory," Brian Pifer, vice president of entrepreneurship at business advisory platform, told CBS MoneyWatch.

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That's the takeaway from a new report published this week by Small Business Majority, which analyzed rates of uninsured workers in small businesses between 2013 and 2016.

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In a statement, Mark Herbert, California Director for Small Business Majority, said that without the return of net neutrality, “California’s small businesses would have been at a disadvantage when trying to compete with large corporations that have the resources to ensure their websites receive s

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A report from the Small Business Majority and the American Sustainable Business Council found an estimated 25 percent of small- to mid-sized businesses do not reopen following a major ecological disaster.