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MEDIA AVAILABILITY: Small Business Expert Available to Speak about Impact of Cassidy-Graham Repeal Measure

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Wednesday, 13 September, 2017

With U.S. Sens. Bill Cassidy and Lindsey Graham set to unveil their version of a replacement plan for the Affordable Care Act, Small Business Majority Founder & CEO John Arensmeyer is available to discuss how that proposal might impact small businesses


“Since U.S. Sens. Bill Cassidy and Lindsey Graham remain determined to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA), it is once again necessary to remind lawmakers that the ACA has greatly benefited America’s small businesses,” said Founder & CEO John Arensmeyer. “One in five ACA marketplace participants in 2014 was a small business owner or self employed. We must also remember the countless solo entrepreneurs with pre-existing conditions who were able to launch their own businesses because the ACA finally meant they could no longer be denied coverage.

Replacing the ACA with a sub-par plan would be a catastrophic mistake. Republicans must end their quest to destroy the ACA and instead work on a bipartisan solution to strengthen the healthcare law. Small business owners are tired of wondering if their quality, affordable health coverage will be snatched away from them, and they deserve to know that their hard-won benefits are safe. Lawmakers must do all they can to ensure our nation’s job creators have the tools they need to succeed, and that includes health insurance.”  

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