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Todd and Michelle Trotter: Tax bill must be changed to help small businesses

The Cap Times

Dear Editor: As fellow small business owners, we hope Sen. Ron Johnson stands firm in his opposition to the Senate tax bill as it currently stands. He is right to note that the bill does more for large corporations than for small-business owners. The bill doesn’t close many of the loopholes for big business and widens the divide between them and small businesses, who are already on an uneven playing field.

GOP’s tax reform won’t benefit small business owners: John Arensmeyer

Fox Business

Small Business Majority founder and CEO John Arensmeyer explains how the Senate’s tax reform legislation -- which he said he does not support -- would affect small businesses, and why he thinks it could largely benefit hedge fund managers.

2 New Ads and ‘Open To All’ Website Launched Ahead of SCOTUS Anti-Gay Baker Case: WATCH


Recent research shows that small business owners support protecting LGBT people from discrimination. A new poll released in November 2017 by the Small Business Majority shows that 65% of small business owners believe businesses should not be permitted to deny goods or services to LGBT people based on an owner’s religious beliefs, and 55% of small business owners don’t believe that a business owner should be able to claim an exemption to nondiscrimination laws if they believe serving a customer goes against their right to free artistic expression.

Women Business Enterprises Call for Healthcare Solution that Works for Businesses of All Sizes

NBC 12

According to Small Business Majority, which served as an advisor on this project, this is especially important to note at this time during open enrollment. Small business owners are roughly three times more likely to enroll through the health insurance marketplaces created under the ACA, per the U.S. Department of Treasury.

“Small businesses generate two out of three new jobs in the United States and contribute to the strength of our economy,” said Geraldine Sanchez Aglipay, Outreach Manager of the Midwest Region and Greater Chicago for Small Business Majority. 

Florida’s small businesses support LGBTQ workers, customers

Florida Politics

The Small Business Majority poll, released Nov. 16, found 73 percent of small business owners were in support of a federal law protecting LGBT people from discrimination in restaurants, hotels and other businesses open to the public, while nearly seven in 10 said they would back a state law against employment discrimination for LGBTQ individuals.

Yes, paid leave laws can actually save companies money


Small businesses are generally bullish on paid leave. According to Small Business Majority’s March survey of businesses with 100 or fewer workers, 70 percent were in favor of a federal insurance program, funded by both employee and employer contributions.

“If you really go out and talk to the small employers, they say, ‘Of course give them the time off because I need them back and I need to retain the skilled workforce,’” says Erik Rettig, the policy advocacy group’s director of outreach.

Lawmakers should support small businesses during National Entrepreneurship Month

Huffington Post

Improving access to capital is one of the most crucial issues for entrepreneurs. Small Business Majority’s polling found 90 percent of small business owners identify access to capital as a top concern. This finding is no surprise given that many small business owners are still struggling to access capital post-recession. And when small businesses are approved for loans, it’s often not for the full amount requested. In fact, the Federal Reserve found of those small business owners who did receive a loan, only half were approved for the full amount requested.

Letter: Taxes and small businesses

The Fayetteville Observer

House Republicans finally unveiled their plan for tax reform and this small business owner is not impressed. Despite promises that the plan would provide a boost to small businesses, this will instead benefit wealthy corporations and individuals.

The biggest proposed boon to small business owners is the lowering of the pass-through tax rate to 25 percent. But my pass-through business would not receive a tax cut under this plan as deductions I rely on are eliminated, impacting my bottom line.

Small Business Owners Say That Discrimination Against Queer People Is Bad For Business


The Small Business Majority gave the Debt Free Guys an exclusive sneak peek at the results of its Small Business Owners Oppose Denying Services to LGBT Customers poll conducted to gauge entrepreneurs’ opinions on whether private businesses should be permitted to deny goods, services and employment to queer people based on religious beliefs, the business or business owners’ right to free speech and artistic expression. The findings will be released later today.

Even some Republicans agree tax plans won't help small businesses

The Hill

Indeed, very few small businesses would benefit from capping the corporate tax rate at 20 percent, because so few pay the corporate rate to begin with. What’s more, entrepreneurs oppose lowering that rate without getting rid of corporate tax loopholes, because doing so would greatly increase the deficit while continuing to put small businesses at a disadvantage.

In fact, Small Business Majority’s recent scientific opinion polling found 85 percent of small-business owners feel the tax code unfairly benefits large corporations over small businesses and that corporations and wealthy...

Sen. Johnson is a ‘no’ on the tax bill. He says it hurts businesses (like his own).

The Washington Post

John Arensmeyer, chief executive and founder of Small Business Majority, said that the Senate bill provisions on pass through income took “a small step toward helping people at the bottom,” but he said he still opposes an overall tax cut and the rush to pass a measure as complicated as tax reform.

As for Johnson’s proposal to tax all corporate profits as pass-through income, Arensmeyer said “we don’t think that’s the way to go. And if we were to consider something that radical, it would require a lot more time and analysis. At the end of the day we would want to make sure the...

Health care options

San Francisco Chronicle

There is a lot of confusion and misinformation right now about the future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and open enrollment for purchasing health care through Covered California. Many solo entrepreneurs and small-business employees rely on the ACA marketplaces for their health insurance, so it’s crucial that small-business owners learn about their options and get covered early.

Interview with John Arensmeyer on VICE News Tonight


VICE News reports on the Republicans next-last shot at Obamacare, The Supreme Court's upcoming decision on whether detained immigrants can be held indefinitely and wind power's bird poop problem.

Women of Color Small Business Owners: Access to Birth Control Is Vital To Our Success

Black Enterprise

A new poll by the advocacy group Small Business Majority surveyed 507 female entrepreneurs and discovered that 56% said that access to birth control and the ability to decide if and when to have children allowed them to advance in their careers and start their businesses. The poll, which included oversamples of African American and Latina small business owners, found reproductive healthcare is especially important to women entrepreneurs.

With the move by the Trump administration to roll back this requirement, the Small Business Majority contends that it’s important to understand the...

Obamacare confusion

Chicago Sun-Times

There is a lot of confusion and misinformation right now about the future of the Affordable Care Act and open enrollment for purchasing healthcare through Healthcare.gov. Many solo entrepreneurs and small business employees rely on the ACA marketplaces for their health insurance, so it’s crucial that small business owners learn about their options and get covered early.

Get Started: House committee OKs small business tax changes

The Washington Post

Small business advocates were split about the revised House bill. "It includes real tax relief, allowing small business owners to keep more of their money to invest in growth and create new jobs," said Juanita Duggan, CEO of the National Federation of Independent Business.

But John Arensmeyer, CEO of the Small Business Majority, said that in the new House version, "the bulk of benefits are still going to large corporations and wealthy individuals rather than Main Street." The Senate version also favors the wealthiest corporations rather than small companies, he...

Small-business owners should learn health care options

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

There is a lot of confusion and misinformation right now about the future of the Affordable Care Act and open enrollment for purchasing health care through Healthcare.gov. Many solo entrepreneurs and small-business employees rely on the ACA marketplaces for their health insurance, so it’s crucial that small-business owners learn about their options and get covered early.

Nathan Proctor: Republican assault on small business

The Berkshire Eagle

It's hard enough to compete with big companies as a small business, and the federal government shouldn't make matters worse by letting big companies avoid their responsibilities. Instead of closing these loopholes, the bill moving forward in Congress right now would make them worse. They would slash the tax bill owed by offshoring companies by hundreds of billions of dollars and widen loopholes that reward offshoring moving forward.

According to Small Business Majority, the tax provisions which tax writers claim will help small business won't do much. The cut on...

Things May Have Just Got Easier for Entrepreneurs in Chicago


Small Business Majority, Fundera and Accion have developed SimpleGrowth, an online lending marketplace. The first of its kind online financial resource platform allows Black entrepreneurs in the city to connect will lenders with the click of a button.

Big business is a big winner of GOP small business tax plan

The Washington Post

House GOP leaders have hailed their new tax proposals as helping the small-business owner, but small-business associations say they help big enterprises, not small ones, and vowed Tuesday to sink the bill in its current form.

John Arensmeyer, head of the Small Business Majority, said the pass-through provision would benefit only 2 percent of small businesses. And he disagrees with Ryan when the speaker says that small businesses would benefit from the abolition of estate taxes; Arensmeyer said about 20 small businesses a year are big enough to trigger estate taxes.